I don’t normally “write” posts but as the title says, this topic makes my blood boil and I couldn’t keep silent.  This isn’t going to be a popular post because 99% of the people I know would hate it and not agree with me.  Most humans get super defensive on this topic and don’t want to even think about it.

With that said, here is what got me going:

Headline and excerpt from December 5, 2014


‘Apeus corpus?  Chimps not human, says New York court’

“A New York court has ruled that a chimpanzee is not legally a person and is therefore not entitled to human rights. An animal rights group had sought to free a chimp from captivity, likening it to a person suffering unlawful solitary confinement.

Tommy is the great ape at the center of the scandal. Formerly in the entertainment business, his life has fallen on harder times and he’s forced to live in a cage on his own in upstate New York.”

Yes, chimps aren’t “human” otherwise they’d literally be “human” and we wouldn’t call them chimps, but this should have been titled “Humans refuse to believe they are part of the animal kingdom”.  Seriously.   News flash:  WE ARE.  I know humans don’t even treat other humans “humanely” (ha what an ironic word) as we can see from all my other posts, but the ignorance to act like we aren’t part of the same kingdom infuriates me.  This could have been huge and started a wonderful precedent for all the other tortured, killed, maimed, abused animals of the world.  God forbid we do something profound and change our despicable behavior and at least own up to the fact that we are also animals from THE ANIMAL KINGDOM.  We have it in our power to change the system folks and this court just threw that down the toilet like we always do when something great comes along.  This wasn’t just about Tommy.   It was about all the animals that suffer crazy crazy torture on a daily basis.




And for the argument that there are animal rights.  Yea, tell that to the billions of animals suffering every minute of every day.

Just in case you don’t believe me on the animal kingdom:

*From Buffalo University biology class:    http://biology.buffalo.edu/courses/bio531/lecture6.html

“Interestingly, we human organisms belong to the Animal Kingdom, and as such we display most structural and functional features common to all of these other animals.”

*From: http://www.answers.com/Q/What_part_of_the_animal_kingdom_do_humans_belong_to

We are, of course, members of the animal kingdom, but also of an entire Linnaean taxonomy that places humans in relation to other creatures. There is as yet no complete agreement on human taxonomy, but the following is one modern view of the important taxa:

  • Species Homo sapiens
    Our species uniquely identifies us: only modern humans can be called Homo sapiens.
  • Genus Homo
    Within the genus Homo are, not only our own species, but the various now extinct human species that were closest to Homo sapiens. Researchers have identified from the fossil record such other species as Homo habilis and Homo erectus.
  • Tribe Hominini (hominins)
    Also within the tribe Hominini are the various now extinct human species that were our more remote predecessors.
  • Subfamily Homininae (hominines)
    Our family tree broadens to include our nearest living relatives, chimpanzees.
  • Family Hominidae (hominids)
    The family Hominidae also includes gorillas.
  • Superfamily Hominoidea (hominoids)

I can go on and on and post more examples but you get the point and you can find it easily enough on the web.

Why don’t humans want to extend rights to OTHER animals?  We all know how we differ, but why don’t we acknowledge how we’re similar? Do you want to know why?  Because collectively most humans (not all) don’t care about anyone but themselves (or their kind) as it relates to them as a human.  How does it affect them or their lifestyle personally.  Ego dictates that they are the center of the world, nothing matters but them.  The only way animals matter to most of the human race is in dollar signs or food.  Nothing more.

(I know there are many people who care for or fight for animals.  I’m not talking about them.  I’m talking about the rest of the world who want to keep things the way they are, to profit from it in the form of food or money and don’t see anything wrong with it.)

Here is a quote from ― Marc Bekoff, Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect

“Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom, not apart from it.  The separation of “us” and “them” creates a false picture and is responsible for much suffering.  It is part of the in-group/out-group mentality that leads to human oppression of the weak by the strong as in ethic, religious, political, and social conflicts.”

Can you see where I’m going with this?  For all of you who care about human rights, I’m asking you to understand the connection with the animal rights movement and see how you can shift your perspective.

For all of you who love animals, or even just cats or dogs, I’m asking you to think more deeply about this.

Personally I can’t stand any injustice, whether it be human or animal.  I see it no different.  An innocent being that is being oppressed.  Animals are even worse off because they literally can’t speak for themselves and are being killed and tortured daily on MASS scales.  Can you imagine what that’s like even for a second?  And they aren’t even creating any strife for any other beings like humans do on a daily basis.  (I’m not talking about life and death survival but about oppression of others) The most innocent of the innocent.  I just wish others would see how animal rights need to be fought for in the same sentence as human rights.  I wish the world stops focusing on single issues and starts focusing on the connections.  I do see it changing little by little recently but the one thing I see left out of the conversation is still animals rights.  If you go protest or even get upset about any human rights issue and then sit down and eat, for example, a hamburger, that was once a living breathing feeling creature, your not thinking it through.

Here is a documentary called ‘Speciesism’ that explores animals and humans in depth:

or watch directly on: http://youtu.be/mqT82oGeax0

Please consider watching this if you care anything about human rights or animals.

I’ll leave you with this excerpt from: http://www.freefromharm.org

“Even though animal slavery is different than human slavery in a number of ways, how is animal slavery not a form of slavery? Are not animals legal property — literally? Are not animals literally bought and sold? Is not farmed and captive animal reproduction forcefully controlled through breeding? If I have taken an animal as my property and taken their very liberty and life as my own to create products out of their carcass, how is that not a form of slavery?

Our internalized societal prejudice tells us to cringe at the comparison. To cringe that someone would dare talk about an animal and a human in the same sentence (even though a total equating was not made). To cringe that someone didn’t simply say, “They’re just animals” to dismiss it all away, as we’re programmed by society to do.

And someone will most assuredly attempt to argue that the advanced cognitive abilities of human slaves is what makes slavery, slavery. But then, what about mentally impaired humans who don’t have the advanced cognitive abilities of able-minded ones? Would the ownership and forced breeding and buying and selling of mentally impaired humans be considered slavery? Or can we dismiss it all away the same way many would like to dismiss animal slavery?”

– For the full article that states the case in a very articulate manner:  http://freefromharm.org/animal-products-and-culture/animal-slavery-and-other-comparisons/#sthash.GzjPu0BD.dpuf

…and an interview with the director of the movie, Speciesism, linked above:

8 thoughts on “This Makes My Blood Boil

  1. First, I must state my position. I was raised alongside almost every domesticated animal you can name quickly, and close by wild animals. I love animals. Some animals have been some of my best friends. But they are, undeniably, different from humans. They kill and eat each other (or just kill) without a second thought, even their own kind. That simple lack of conscience makes them different. We love to see pictures of animals protecting each other, of mothers protecting their young, etc. But when you’re with them, you see the day-to-day life, you see how they’re different. Nobody taught me this. I knew it since I held my first baby goat and protected it from it’s greedy mother.


    • Thanks for your comment Mercy. I agree, we are different, otherwise they would be called humans. I just get overwhelmed with sadness and frustration when animals don’t get the respect and protection they deserve. We say there are animal rights but in reality we don’t really protect them. Maybe some in a limited way. Just because they are different shouldn’t be an excuse that they shouldn’t have the same rights or protections that humans have to not be hurt, abused, tortured and killed by other humans. That’s just my opinion but I know I’m in the minority. I appreciate your not attacking me on this and giving me your truthful opinion. To be honest I was afraid I was going to get vicious comments from people I didn’t know about this but I posted it anyway because it really bothered me.

      Liked by 2 people

      • My main idea is, however, if they dont afford each other those courtesies, it doesnt niggle my conscience when they arent given those rights by humans. Like i said, i love animals and i would never hurt them, but it would be hard for me to advocate harsher punishments when there are so many other injustices. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Cathy Annis and commented:
    I agree with so much of this post.
    So many people seem so wrapped up in how others who are different to them don’t deserve the same rights and freedoms. We blame immigrants for a lack of jobs. We blame the disabled and unemployed for being too lazy to work. Desperate people turn up on our shores, half crazed with malnutrition and fear, fleeing from terrifying circumstances that have forced them to escape their own homes, circumstances that all too often we had a hand in causing in one way or another, and we send these people on. They’re lucky to get some bread and water from us before getting sent on their way. Or if we do let them ashore we lock them up in privately run refugee camps where allegations of torture and sexual abuse of children are rife, yet the UN don’t have the power to investigate because the private international companies that run the camps won’t allow them access.
    And the government love it. All this pointing fingers at each other, finding people worse off than we are to blame for all that’s wrong with society. If we have no community to fall back on, if they keep pushing the erosion of family values, we become ever more submissive. If we’re picking fights with each other then we’re not looking up at the people at the top of the pyramid, we’re not paying attention to how they’re keeping us downtrodden while they live the good life. Divide and rule!
    The only way to put things right is for us to come together. Cherish diversity while concentrating on the ways in which we’re all the same. Look after the people less well off than you so that everyone living in your community can thrive.
    Society’s values are all wrong right now and it’s up to us to put it right. People or animals, have respect for all living things and fight to make your community strong again.


    • Thank you Cathy for your thoughtful reply. You hit the nail on the head when you said “People or animals, have respect for all living things and fight to make your community strong again”. That pretty much sums up how I feel and what I was trying to get at. I find it hard to believe that people fight so hard to do the opposite of this. It seems like such a no brainer to me, but clearly, I am in the minority.

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  3. I may have been a tad overenthusiastic inmy reply but only because iI understood so completely what you were saying.
    We take animals into our homes as pets and we make them part of our family. Is it then right to pick and choose which animals we’re prepared stand up for?
    Surely the way we look after the animal world surely says a lot about how we treat the most vulnerable members of our society.
    I sometimes think maybe i should give upon trying to understand the world iI livein, the people who surround me. It just seems completely illogical to me, this world run my money that seems to leave people heartless, with no empathy.
    But then I watch Russell Brand articulating the problems so intelligently, or I see people rally round to sign an anti-austerity petition, or I find a blog like yours. People passionately doing what they can to have a positive effect on the world around them, to spread the message of love and positivity, of humanity, to the people they can reach.
    That’s why I started blogging and it’s why i had to share your post. We can all do our small bit to look after our chunk of the world, and hope that the message keeps spreading outwards.


    • So many spelling and grammar errors! I’m having to use my phone as my bf is on the computer and it’s so hard to type fast on this tiny keyboard without messing it all up. Sorry about that, hopefully you can manage to extract my point from amongst the mistakes.


    • Well said Cathy. I find the people interviewed on my blog to be my inspiration for not losing hope. If those interviews find their way to others and do the same, that is all I can ask for. Your blog follows in the same tradition of sharing and spreading the word and I applaud you! Cheers!


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